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Knee Surgery

Dear frieds, Please help me get back on my feet and working again. Every bit counts and you make a difference. Thank you, Shalom Thitu

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Most of you may know me as a fitness enthusiast. I may have taken you through prenatal exercises during pregnancy, helped you get in shape after or shake the weight off in a funky Zumba class.

Yes I love life and love to be fit and active. This love for the outdoors began as a child and through high school I was known for my swimming ability’s amongst other sports.

unfortunately from a young age my knee caps were unstable and I suffered as I was always in pain  and even developed early onset osteoarthritis.

Fortunately this has never kept me from living an active life and even became a fitness instructor after my first surgery.

This time however my knees are very unstable especially my right knee and I have been unable to work, walk unsupported play with my kids or carry them as usual or have a day without pain.

I have no intention of giving up and intent to continue to live a fit and active life and reach too. With your help and the doctor I can finally get my knees fixed as today the advances in technology have allowed us to understand why it happens and how to fix it.

though I have to do surgery on both knees eventually, at the moment I urgently need to fix one. Kneecap instability is painful and occurs more often and without warning. 

Please help me get the help I need to get back on my feet and back to what I love to do. 





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