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Help Felix Go Serve In USA

Help me secure a ticket to the states so that I can do my favorite, service to humanity. Give as you have..Thanks in advance.

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I was born in early 90s. My mum left me with grandmum at the age of two. Growing up was a total challenge. I have struggled all my life to reach this far. I understand what people go through around the world.

I thereby developed passion and special interest in helping the needy more specifically orphans, the aged, those with special needs and the poor.

Every time I am preaching, I like giving these people hope. I well know that these people have no hope except their God whom I preach.

Hitherto, today I have an opportunity to travel outside Kenya for the very first time to go do what I love most-give people HOPE!

I therefore request and welcome everyone on board to help me raise over 100,000KE (1000USD) as my air ticket expenses. Everything else is well taken care of the side of the world.

Welcome all as we give to service.

"service to humanity is my dream forever! "



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