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Invisible Borders Road Trip 2014

Together we can send the transformative author of Kwani? 6's 'Brave New Worlds' Renee Mboya, on the journey of a lifetime.

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Together we can send the transformative author of Kwani? 6's 'Brave New Worlds' on the adventure of a lifetime.

Renée Mboya is a writer from Nairobi. She has been selected to participate in the incredible 2014 Invisible Borders Road Trip, overland from Lagos - Sarajevo. 

Invisible Borders Trans-African Project was established in 2009 by a group of African artists with aims to promote movement and Trans-border exchange in Africa using visual, literary and performing arts. The flagship project is the Invisible Borders Road Trip which every year unites up to 10 artists - photographers, writers, filmmakers, to make road trips across the borders of countries in Africa. 

This trip, the 5th in the series, will be the 1st Transcontinental Road Trip of the collective and will be from Lagos (Nigeria) to Sarajevo (Bosnia) through 21 countries in Africa and Europe. 

The road trip  will be made up of photographers, writers, video artists, art critics, art historians and performance artists. Read about the participants.

The journey will last 151 days (22 weeks) from the 2nd of June until 31st of October 2014. Read more about the road trip.

Let's send her on the journey of a lifetime!!

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