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JBL Akumu Hospital Fund

Dear friends, help us raise Ksh. 1 million to pay Dad's bill incurred at the Nairobi Hospital's Critical Care Unit. Invite others on our behalf. Asante

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A few weeks ago Dad was taken ill at home in Gem. After seeking treatment at Eldoret he suggested he comes to Nairobi for further checks. While here he continued experiencing constipation. Dad's inability to pass waste due to obstruction in the intestines has led to the waste leaking into the blood stream and causing septicemia. In turn he has become jaundiced. He had also been intubated to aid his breathing because he went into some sort of respiratory failure. His BP was very also very low. HIs kidney and liver function was also not very good due to severe dehydration. The bill given us by Nairobi Hospital totalled Ksh. 1,633,000. The family has paid Ksh 630,000. For this reason we are calling upon friends and family to help us cover the remaining hospital expense balance Ksh. 1,033,000.

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