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Support 8 Slums camps, 6 Internally Displaced Person (IDPs) camps, 12 cholera prone areas and 5 Legion of Mary camps with pathetic hygiene conditions in Turkana

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COVID -19 outbreak has taken public unaware. Turkana has not eeen excepted thus maing the residetns to comply with government guidelines under personal safety. TUBAE responded on 26th March, 2020 to support vulerable groups in slums, internally displaced populations camps   and villages with people living under one dollar in a day or hardly get a meal. 

The beneficiaries have been;-

1. Slums- California, SOWETO, Kambi Mawe and Kambi Moto

2. IDPs- Kanamkemer IDP Camp and Kambi Mpya and

3. Poor families of- Nakwalele village.

other villages that benefited were;- Kakwanyang, Lomopus, Eliye, Lobolo, Namukuse, Longech, Kalokol and Kalimapus. over 1,200 huseholds got donation of sanitxers, dettol, multi-purpose detergents and medicated herbal soaps. The organization our of their social development program donated progudcts amounting to Kshs. 750,000.00 with media goving free airtime in educating the public on preventive measures.

We call upon members of the public to contribute in supprt of these population and those living along the late since the are always prone to cholera.



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