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     In November 2003 a phone call altered my entire life, as I knew it. My mother who had been sick for several years passed on. As a 9-year-old only child this took a heavy toll on me as it would anybody let alone a child. Despair and rage were merely some of the emotions I wrestled with. Things worsened when I had to move out of the city and go live wih my aunt in a remote village in Nakuru. My aunt barely spoke any Swahili, the language I was accustomed to in the city and this rendered even simple communication difficult. The next chapter of my life truly terrified me, what now? I wondered if my was my life over.

The next year was not easy for me, only the daily school routine helped restore some semblance of normalcy into my life. But almost a year later a man named James Njaaga suddenly transformed what seemed like a bleak future. Njaaga, the owner of a tourism company, had decided to open an orphanage in the community. I was among those accepted into Njaaga's children hope home, as the orphanage was aptly named. It was here I was able to meet children in a similar situation to mine. Due to our predicament we formed a close bond and even though things were not always glamorous, with people to navigate it with, the future did not seem so daunting. Njaaga would often bring the tourists to visit us, giving us an opportunity to meet people from all around the world.

Three years into my stay in the children home I had the good fortune to come across lady from Canada called Kimberly. She had toured the country and before her return back home to Canada decided to visit the orphanage. Impressed by the children upon returning home she told her family about her experiences and what she'd seen. Her uncle Mr. Allan Portis was particularly intrigued and after enquiring decided to sponsor one of the kids from the home to St. Andrews Turi Senior School. It was then that the four best performing students: two girls and boys, myself included went for an interview at the school. It was November 2007 by then. A month later the school informed us that I'd performed the best. It was then that I was able to contact Allan for the first time and impressed by my resolve, ambition and academic success he decided to pay for my education at the school.

A few months later I joined St. Andrews Turi. Despite initally struggling to adapt to my new school, through hard-work and dedication during the five years I attended the school, I was able to graduate from A-Levels with straight A's and topped the nation in AS Sociology in 2012. It was along the way that I developed a fascination for law, both as a tool to better society by introducing laws benefitting the common people who have suffered under the heavily politicized legal system as well as improving the lives of those Kenyans living in abject poverty. Law, I've always believed is a mechanism if applied accordingly can be a force for good. And with Allan's support nothing would deter me from chasing my dream.

It was this ambition that drove me to apply to some of the best law schools in the world after high school and I ended up being invited to join the University of Toronto. But shortly after joining the school funding for my education stopped and this meant I had to come back to Kenya. Not one to give up, I got in touch with a friend from high school and he helped me apply to Strathmore University where I've been accepted to study Law in July 2018. This is a great second chance I have been given and one that I intend on taking full advantage of.

Despite my positivity and motivation however, I do not have the means to pay for my education at Strathmore. My family, despite their best intention cannot afford to do so. The Degree Program is four years long and the total course fees are Kshs. 2 million. I would like to take this opportunity to kindly ask for your support in raising the money I need to attend the university. It's a great school, conducive for helping students realize and pursue their aspirations and if given the opportunity I will not fail you. I would greatly appreciate and be truly thankful if you gave me a chance to fulfill my ambition.


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