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School Support In Northern Kenya

We are raising funds to support schools in Northern Kenya by providing writing materials and sports equipment. Please read our Story.

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Supporting Schools in Northern Kenya

As part of our regular travels in kenya, during our recent trip to Northern Kenya, we were touched and humbled in a small town called Ngurunit at the base of the Ndoto Mountain Range when a group curious school children asked if we had pens for them to write in school rather than the normal sweets that most ask for when they see visitors.  This touched us and we decided to focus on providing educational tools such as writing materials, reading materials, sports equipment and planting grass seedballs for the children's playgrounds  in this remote region. It is every parent's dream to have their child educated. We want to facilitate this process by visiting the region frequently and making our contribition towards the educational development of these children in the region. In our small way, everything that we are going to do going forward will be towards supporting the school children in the Northern Kenya.

If you are interested in supporting us (through your generous donations) and joining us to visit this part of the country, please contact us on kampurtravels@gmail.com. 




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