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Kachi (Masters Tuition Fee)

I, Derrick Nandwa Kachisa invite you to raise funds to help me pursue my Masters in Robotics $ Automation in Sweden. I need KSH 2.5 million for Tuition Fee.

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I have recently been admitted to University West (www.hv.se) to pursue Master in Robotics and Automation (https://goo.gl/cBz3Wh). However being an international student I am required to pay fees. The fees is a total of 250,000 SEK (Kes 2,500,000). 

It is for this reason that I seek your help to raise this amount so that I am able to attend. Tuition fee is just one aspect of the 2 year study. I still need to be able to support myself while there and hence the reason for reaching out to you.

Your help is highly needed and will be much appreciated. 

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