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Sifu Nasi

Sifu Nasi concert brings together Adventist Musicians to support the need in the society. Entry fee Kes 500 (regular) , VIP 1000

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Sifu Nasi is an initiative where Kenyan Adventist Musicians have come together to hold a sacred music concert in October 2019 in Kisumu City. 

The mission is to bring unity among Kenyan Adventist musicians to evangelise through reaching out to and amplify the voices of the needy children within our communities. It is shocking what needy children have to endure on a daily basis. Many children do not have access to food, clean water, clothes, education or healthcare. Educating children and providing them with good healthcare helps reduce poverty and conquer diseases, providing future generations with the tools and hope of self reliance and empowerment. If we could all sponsor just one child, the positive impact on their lives and yours would be unimaginable. The children in this world are the most vulnerable members of society who need consistent care and support to grow and prosper. This is why SIFU NASI exists in its humble space. 

To support this mission,  all are welcome to donate/contribute Regular,  Kes 500/- , VIP Kes 1000/-, or more which will serve as an entry fee and support our mission.

All proceeds will be directed to organizing the concert and providing for the needs of street families and needy children. 

God bless you as you support this mission. 

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