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Sweat For Change

Support my cause! I will be running 90km race in June to raise money for Sports for Change. lets supports disadvantaged kids access quality education.

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" I Finished my 2014 Comrades race in 10 hrs 32 Mins.It gets harder running the 90 odd kms, I missed my PB by 5 Minutes but smashed last year's time by a good half hour. The next is lewa marathon on 28th June."
Those of you who do not know me, I work in Horticulture for Finlays flowers in Kenya. I am also a keen marathon runner, having taken up marathon running rather late in life, and in the past 7 years, I have now run over 20 full marathons, and 4 ultra marathons, I completed my 3rd Comrades ultra (90 km) in South Africa in June last year. And after 3 weeks, I was on the start line for a full marathon which I ran barefoot for charity. I have been training hard for my 4th comrade ultra 90km in June. Immediately after, I will run a 42km barefoot. Iam running to raise money for a charity called "Sports For Change". This is an extremely small charity run by a dedicated group of Kenyans who are very active, it has humbled me to see the work they have done for the less fortunate in our society, with limited funds.

I would like to change that! Although I have run Comrades yearly since 2011 I have never beaten the 10hr 25min mark. My best time was 10hr 27min. I fully intend to do it this year, if I know I have sponsorship behind me for Sports for Change, where I know the donations will support more kids access quality education. In fact last year I finished in 11hrs 10mins and I mean to take over half an hr off my time in my 47th year.

There is no better way to reward myself than Run for Change. To support my cause, donate and share my story
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