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Ekai Simeon Education Fund Drive

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**Hi Friend* , 

Hope you are fine by God's grace. Three months ago I made a decision to pursue a career in law after my four year study of Linguistics and literature at the University of Nairobi.I received a calling letter to report on 10th Sept for *BACHELORS OF LAW* at the *UNIVERSITY OF* *NAIROBI*  for *KES800,000* .I found this amount exorbitant as I had never attached myself anywhere.I brought this issue to my friends and they gave me assurance of supporting and defending this decision. I appreciate you for lending me your ears all through.Dont think am not grateful. I value your concern very much.Being one of those friends I regard highly, today I beseech you to do any little you can to help me report in time. With any little you have please send it to Paybill *891300* account *Ekai* at *Zero* charge. 

Whatever amount means a lot and takes us a step closer to our target. Let us do it friend. 

I will never forget that you once made our friendship count for next time wherever whenever. 

Thanks and be blessed in all you do. 


 *Yours friend* , 

 *Ekai Simeon* .

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Dial: *483*57*22354#

Paybill: 891300

Account: EKAI


Business Name: MCHANGA

Reference: EKAI

Business Number: 891300

Account Number: EKAI

Dial: *160*2*1#

Paybill: 891300

Account: 22354

Ekai Simeon Eyanae    -    2547116XXXXX

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