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Taita First World War Exhibit

Thank you for your interest in supporting the refurbishment of the WW1 exhibit dedicated to the thousands of Africans who died during the East African Campaign.

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UPDATE 20 November 2018: We have also raised Kshs150,000/- in Cash outside of the M-Changa platform giving a total of Kshs334,381/-


Would there have been a WW1 East African Campaign without the incredible contribution of 25% of the then African population of British East Africa (now Kenya)?

Before the military railway was started from Voi to Taveta in early 1915 & the introduction of mechanized transport, everything needed in camp & on the battlefields; from toilet paper to drinking water; bullets to bandages; were carried on the heads of the Carrier Corps. 

During a recent recce with the November 2018 Commemoration in mind, the importance of setting the scene to explain the background events was highlighted. 

The EA Campaign Exhibit on display at Sarova Taita Hills Lodge was ineffective in:

introducing the tragedy of the East African Campaign;

instilling the need to remember the thousands who took part and enlightening a generation who have no idea that WW1 was also played out in Kenya and only ending 14 days after the Armistice in Europe

encouraging protection for the WW1 national heritage sites;

displaying and captioning the unique artifacts found in the area which have been kindly donated or loaned to the exhibit.

So this project is to raise money to update & modernise the WW1 exhibit, bringing the East African Campaign to life, in a captivating way that will appeal to the multinational audience all before the Commemoration to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War in November.

Instead of being text heavy, the Campaign will be told through a series of icons, graphics, and images with short, sharp accompanying commentary.

Split in to easily digestible areas that tackle one topic at a time, it will be easy for visitors spending just a few minutes at the exhibit to come away inspired, engaged and eager to learn more while ’remembering the forgotten’.

UPDATE 6 August 2018: We have also raised Kshs140,000/- in Cash outside of the M-Changa platform.


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