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Support EATHAN in providing safe, life-saving gender affirming care to trans & people w/ support from qualified therapists & endocrinologists. Thanks!

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EATHAN – East Africa Trans Health & Advocacy Network is a network of intersex, transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and organisations in East Africa working to eliminate transphobia and improve the livelihoods of all trans diverse East Africans through research, advocacy, capacity strengthening, movement building and community empowerment.

We envision a just and equal society where all trans humans can live free from stigma and discrimination.

Our mission is to equip and enable East African trans* diverse individuals and institutions, to organize and advocate for the improvement of their health, the recognition of their gender, and the protection of their human rights; utilizing informed research and documentation, particularly on health and HIV, and by enhancing their livelihoods through capacity strengthening and empowerment.

EATHAN was formed in July 2016, and has been steadily growing ever since. Since then, we have worked on our policies & structures; formulated and now implementing our 3 year strategic plan; attended and participated in various key meetings such as AIDS conference 2016, Africa Trans Conference and others; successfully conducted and published our first research report on security and HIV among trans persons in East Africa; began a two year project with RFSL on institutional strengthening and held our first Bi-Annual EATHAN Members & Partners Forum.

The core focus of our work is embedded in our 4 pillars: research & documentation; advocacy & sensitization; capacity strengthening; movement building & community empowerment.

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