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Dear, I'm granted an opportunity to transfer to Andrews University U.S.A at a cost of 900k. Kindly help me enroll for Fall 2018. Thanks & God bless you

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Life at Baraton has really humbled me, hardened me through the struggle, but I believe there is a good reason for it.

There is not as such sad experience and feeling as when all the friends you joined University with graduate and leave you behind, and to make matters even worse, more friends join you later and still graduate and leave U behind!

When I go to heaven, I would like to hear from God why He chose me, and what was He up to if I don't get an answer soon on earth.

When I joined Baraton, I remember I was allowed to go to class with a debt, which accumulated and reached  Ksh.195,000, and  I remember when I was denied to register again until I have cleared the debt! Thanks to Work Study Program, though I had to work for a whole 2(two) good years, I managed to clear the debt, and I remember I had to work for an extra 3 more Months to be able to have credit on my account to register for class again 'half load' as I work to raise money for the next Semester, but despite all that, I had to still be out of class another Semester to raise enough cash to be back in class again.

At some point I wanted to give up, but looking back from where I have come from, I am motivated that the end is near, yet so far!

I know and trust that one day, my long fought dream will come to be a reality by the grace of God.

I am still determined to push more on this last stretch, that's why today I humbly request you to kindly contribute towards this course so as to help make my dream come true.

May God bless you even as you plan to give.

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