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Fundraiser For Martim Obila

I am fundraising for Martim Obila who walked 50Km to Kakamega High School for lack of school fees

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This article was in the EA Standard today

Kakamega, Kenya: Martim Obila knows only too well what it feels like to not be able to pay his school fees. After scoring 383 marks in last year’s KCPE exam and getting admitted to Kakamega High School, Obila was in dilemma over how to get there, as his parents could not afford the fees. Staring at a bleak future, he decided to do the unthinkable. The youngster walked from his parent’s home in Rarieda to Kakamega High School, where he hoped to plead his case with the principal. “I started my journey on February 9 at 6am. I could not stand the possibility of missing the position in a school I have admired for many years,” said the student yesterday.

“My mission was to explain to the Kakamega High School administration that my family could not afford to pay for my schooling,” Obila, who attended Siala Primary School, said. On the way, the young man got a lift from a good Samaritan, who dropped him in Kisumu, from where he walked to Kakamega. Kakamega High School Principal Oliver Minishi said the hungry boy arrived at the school on Monday evening. “He narrated to us his ordeal and we decided to admit him like any other student,” Minishi said. He added that the boy needs guidance and counselling as he seems to have gone through trauma. Minishi expressed commitment to see the boy get sponsorship to complete his studies.

My name is Evans Wandogo and I am starting this fundraiser to support Martim. Please join me to raise funds for his school fees. I have negotiated with the management of M-Changa to waive any fees associated with this fundraiser. Lets change Martim's life today!


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