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Medical Assistance Towards My Dad .

Could you please donate .We are appealing for help towards my dad's medication. He was diagnosed with stroke and pneumonia.

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Sachariah Obuya was found in a house motionless know coma when the neighbors realised it was abnormal for him to be sleeping on Sunday without praying. 


He was rushed to the hospital kisumu here was was diagnosed with stroke. Since they District hospital could not help, he was tranfered to another private hospital where major tests were done. 


He stayed in the hospital for three months in which the daily bill was 100$.


Due to  he lackd of medical insurnace cover we opted to mobilise funds from friends. We managed to get some free bucks which managed to settle most of the bills. 


We had to request for discharge and we were instructed to look for him physiotherapist which we could not afford. 


He was taken home and of late he has  developed alot of things in his life. He cant sleep and is ever crying of pain in the paralyzed side. 


It is sad to report that he struggles to urinate and we can't manage to take him to the hospital. 


With complications coming up, pneumonia, urinating a problem there is need to take him to the hospital for checkups and medication.

He was a shoe repairer in the alums and we have no source of income to help give him medication. 


Sadly there has been no physiotherapy for him as he only sleeps the whole day and night since he can't walk or talk. 


This is to seek for your support on this to help me save my father. 



Hiring g

The taxi to the hospital or ambulance is 60$

The down payment before he being admitted is 400$


CT scan is 300$


Physiotherapy will take 20$perday and approximately for 20days will be 400$


The ward charges is 110$ per day plus he doctors appointment fee. 


The drugs are relative ad other miscellaneous expenses.

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