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Good morning great people,
I hope God has kept you well.

Kindly allow me to share my school fee plea with you.
I'm mary Komen Komen,A forth year student at University of Eldoret.

I cleared in Mwenje high school in the year 2012 and joined University of Eldoret in 2014.

My first year and partly second year was well taken care of by my dad.

my challenges began when my dad was diagnosed with a mental disorder known as Schozophrenia which later culminated to mental depression and could no longer sustain me well in school.Due to this challenge,my fee arrears accumulated to the current KES 326,430/-(THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY SHILLINGS)

I should complete my  studies this May 2018 but the University might deny me  chance  to do before clearing this balance.

On realizing that things are getting out of hand,and give that I have other three siblings inn high school,I approached a few friends who together have embarked on a mission to see that I get school fees.

this being my final semester,I face the risk of dropping out of school.

I have chosen good people to be my voice.

To support me walk through the doors of the UNIVERSITY because of you.

It has been a tough journey walking with these arrears  for close to three years now.

Many of my comrades with same challenges may have chosen to drop out of school but for for me,I believe God sustained me to this far.

It wasnt easy opening up and its not easy even now as I speak to you but God has made it possible to tell you.

The little you have,the little your friend has,will enable me be what i have always yearned to be.

I'm certain many in our society face same challenge I face or even bigger than mine.Many choose suicide,many choose drugs,many choose to die in silence but for me I chose to share with you so that you can empower me to empower the world as well.

I appeal to you good people  to stand with me this tough,traumatizing moment in my life.Assisting me achieve this golden opportunity is enabling me support my entire family,community,nation and the world at large.




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Paybill: 891300

Account: 21510


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Paybill: 891300

Account: 21510

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