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Dear kind supporters,
Bella. Beautiful Bella. At 5 years old, she’d probably have joined kindergarten like other toddlers, but not so due to her condition.  The kind-hearted, joyful girl was diagnosed with severe jaudice and Neonotal Sepsis
at 3 days old that later caused kernicturus(brain damage) and this caused Cerebral Palsy.
Strong-willed, Bella has lived all through years,suffering with health issues & developmental milestone degenerated,leaving her unable to walk,speak and eat by her self and totally dependant  for daily living skills.She shows a fighting spirit and  there’s hope. She only needs a stem cell therapy treatment in India to recover and lead a normal life.
STEM CELL THERAPY FOR CELEBRAL PALSY~The specialiased treatment involves 6 days' hospital stay during which time she is evaluated clinically.This is followed by Bone Marrow Aspiration.Then 4 days of intensive physiotherapy, occupational ,speech Therapy,counselling, postorative medicines and medical assistive devices.
Stem cell therapy is her only hope. Research shows its safer and 90% effective and only available in India. That’s where we are sending our beautiful Bella.
Through her years of suffering, Bella looks on us and says, ‘’Help me recover’’. Crippled by disease since birth, we must plead for such injured innocence and suffering humanity. 
Bella could be my daughter, she could be yours. But as Thomas Sankara once proclaimed, ‘’I am human. Nothing humane is immune to me.’’ Bella is everything humane and divine. That which God created in His own image and form, and breathed life through her nostrils. 
I’m with Bella, to see her speak ,walk, play, and go out. I want Bella go to school as I would like for my children. 
I want Bella to set her eyes on the horizons and explore the beauty of nature. I want Bella to have hope that her disability cannot affect her ability. That at the touch of that plane from India, she shall climb down the plane alone, and be healthy and complete.
Bella asks us for help.
 We hope to raise 1.2 Million shillings for Bella’s treatment. Your support will be very much appreciated. 
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