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Covid19 L/Angels Support Fund

Schools is closed; Our kids are on the streets as desperate parents search for work. With your help, we will ensure our vulnerable children have a meal a day.

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The informal settlements of Nairobi are hard hit by Covid-19. The government introduced early stage shut down to prevent the spread.

All schools are closed and public gatherings banned. This is a serious concern for the vulnerable children we work with: our children viewed school as a place of safety and a guaranteed lunch. Now they are on the streets, out of necessity, abandoned by the parents who are desperately searching for work. With everywhere shut, there is no work and these parents are coming home penniless to hungry kids.

You can help us use our network of teachers and volunteer parents to ensure vulnerable children stay safe.

We can check in every day with children from 'difficult' families and follow up any concerns.

We can continue to support parents to make the best decisions for their children by supporting them and funding access to emergency healthcare for a child or carer in need.

Help us to buy food parcels for our children and their families.

Help us provide an emergency rent payments for some of our. Children families about to be evicted.

With your donation, we can help parents to make the best decisions for their children and keep the children off the streets.

Our mission is to ensure that no child slips through the net due to the complexity of their case. These coming months are going to test us. With your help we can keep our promise to these kids.


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