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Let's join hands for baby gyan

Dear all, our son Gyan Ngugi is scheduled for an emergency surgery on 25 April 2018 in India. Let’s join hands and support Gyan.

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Master Gyan Ngugi  Njenga (our son] was diagnosed with Congenital glaucoma at Birth. He went through the first surgery at the age of 5 months at the Aga Khan University hospital. They surgery was meant to drain the high pressures in eyes and as a result, some two permanent valves were inserted into his eyes.1 month after the surgery, he started experiencing irritation and unfortunately, he managed to remove the valve in the left eye. Consequently, the irritation persisted and the Doctor prescribed  some eye drops. We used the drops for a month but the situation did not become any better. The doctor however examined the condition and advised us to try and Manage. We went further and sought for a second option from India since they normally have specialised services. We have since found one Apollo Hospitals. Baby Gyan is therefore scheduled for an emergency surgery on 21st May 2018.  Subsequently, we are travelling to India on 19th May 2018. It is for this reason that I wish to humbly request to remember us and specifically baby Gyan in your prayers even as he undergoes surgery. May the Lord bless you.

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