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Education Fund For Wamuicho Kids

Hey guys. I've opened mchanga for Macharia children education fund.

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Our brother, James Macharia has been providing for his family of  wife, 3 teenage sons and the beautiful twin lastborn daughters. Unfortunately, he has been unwell since 2016, and needs continuing medical attention.

As a family, we recognise that each  child is the seed for the next generation of the family. They carry the full potential of many others,  and possibilities for the future that only God knows.

The singular purpose of this fund is for all of Macharias children to complete their education up to college level, pursuing their own dreams fearlessly.

By contributing to the fund, you will have assisted in building for them a firm foundation onto which they will build their careers and earn their livelihoods.

The prayer for the family is that they will be the strong shoulders on which future generations will stand. 

We appeal to family, relatives and friends to join in this effort.

May God bless you abundantly as you support this course and pray for Macharias healing.

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Paybill: 891300

Account: 20897

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