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Support me achieve my dream to be a Commercial Pilot.

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I started my journey towards beinga commercial pilot with a dream at 5 years old.

As i went through school with thesupport and encouragement from my mother, I focused on the subjects that were needed for my career and got the marks as required. I then joined KSOF and got licensed as a Kenyan Private pilot with a Private Pilots License (PPL) with 55hours of flying.

Currently i have 110 flight hours having flown both in Kenya and the USA as a student and need to get to  a minimum of 250 flight hours together with my theory and simulation classes to sit my exams and gradaute.

However things took a turn for the worse financially after my mother got sick and after long admision n hospital, i had to terminate my classes and come back home as she had also lost her job with no one to take care if her.

I would like to finish my course at 23 years and get my career started thus asking for your help.  This is also an opportunity that besides achieving my dream will allow me to pay forward some day to a young aviator facing challenges like myself.

To finish my course i need at least ksh. 4,000,000 as tuition and flying fees. The full course fee is about ks 6,000,000, however I have my PPL  and 110 hours meaning I only pay for the ATPL/CPL and instrument rating.

I am taking odd jobs to cater for my living expenses and need support with the tuition fees   while looking for carriers in need of volunteers or interns so I can build my hours. With a PPL I am not allowed to accept any payment by law and will appreciate any volunteering or intern opportunity in the aviation industry.

Attached is a link with a guide to the fee payable to complete the course including ATPL, instructor and instrument ratings:-




Kindly join me and support my dream!

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