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Elephant Neighbors’ Center (ENC) is a Non- profit Organization that was founded with a vision of reinstating the broken while maintaining humans and wildlife coexistence the changing and dynamic society of today. ENC set a mission to protect the African elephant and secure landscapes for elephants outside the protected areas through various initiatives and multi-stakeholder partnerships www.elephantcenter.org.  

To push the conservation agenda ENC founded a trademark and conservation brand for it campaign dubbed Ivory Belongs to Elephants with advocacy Walks as its core activity and anchored on raising general awareness on the plight of African Elephants locally, nationally and internationally.  ENC on April 11th2019 in the launch Community Conservation Program http://elephantcenter.org/conservation-fund/ , this program will be implemented in Tsavo West National Park of Kenya.

The second project of 2019 is the Kenya (Nairobi) – Ethiopia (Addis Abba) – Djibouti – Eritrea (Asmara) Grass- root elephants Walk. This walk aims at creating awareness in the horn of African region whose elephants population has continue decreasing due to poaching, climate change and civil war. Jim Justus Nyamu who has led this campaign since 2013 has now walked over 15,400km across 8 countries both in Africa, Europe and in USA.


In his crew he will cover 3400km in 115 days, this campaign walk will require the following;


Iteams Note Days Quantity Ksh US
Support Vehicle Soliciting for 2 landcruizers        
Vehicle and equipments maintanance   4 Months   200,000 2,000
Fuel Estimate 15 tanks for Each vehicle 115 2 300000 3000
Insuarance Estimates Ksh 100,000 per vehicle 115 2 200,000 2000
Walking kitts 14 pairs of Shoes 3 Estimated at Ksh 3000 115   42,000 420
Insuarance for support team/First Aid Kitts Assorted- Premium  115 7    
Branding vehicles Estimated at Ksh 40,000   2 80,000 800
Meals & Accomondation/Water 8 Support team estimate per day Ksh 1000 *115 115 7 805,000 8050
Honararium Hiring 7 Support team ( Ksh 40,000 *7 for 4 months 115 7 1,120,000 11200
Campaign Materials Printing of 500 Tshirts estimated at Ksh 450 per shirts *500 pieces   500 225,000 2250
Ground planning preparation Flight to Addis Abbas , Djibout and Asmara- Accomodation 4 2 150,000 1500
Total       3,122,000 29220
Contingencies       312,200 2,922
Grand Total        3,434,200 32142

Some items can be supported inform of in-kind i.e. Air-ticket during the preparation t-shirts and branding of the campaign vehicles.


Thank you for believing in this cause, Ivory Belongs to elephants. 

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Account: ENC


Business Name: MCHANGA

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Business Number: 891300

Account Number: ENC

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Paybill: 891300

Account: 20626

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