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My name is Noor Santosian 25 years, and my backgrounds are wildlife security personnel, Graduate Environmental Engineer at University of Nairobi, and a Film director/Producer.  I am creating Africa Wildlife TV show campaign, and it's about an educational show that features Africa wildlife, Elephants, and Rhinos, from across the country and around the world.  

Poaching, Rangers survivals, and Illegal wildlife trafficking will also be discussed.  Interviews with Rangers, conservationist Heroes and Kenya wildlife staff will also be featured in this show.  

For 10 years I have been making wildlife life's better and their humans through Environmental conservation. People call me Wildlife Master simply because all my life is all about Wildlife. To me I just enjoy them and connect to them. For years people have said to me make a TV show. I just want to hang with my elephants and Rangers I say. Well after a Million visits to my Facebook page and thousands of photos and conservation experience I am ready. 

 I need  to raise money for my campaign to cover production costs, creating the show, and facilitate various young conservationist with relevant conservation material. I have everything on the line to this. If everyone contributed even a small amount I could make this happen. Questions? Please reach out and ask. Everyone who helps will have me at their service. It's going to be so good. So, please make a donation/contribution to this wonderful and exciting TV show project!  I appreciate your kindness, sponsorship, and support.


The campaign is unique as no one at my age has done the same nor thought of the same. This campaign will work out as a challenging factor to awake our fellow youth to spare their energy towards positive development of our mother nature.  

With over 3 billion monthly YouTube users and over 2.2 Billion Facebook monthly users, sharing my tv show content on the same, I will be able to SAVE OUR WILDLIFE/PLANET with a single click on video upload through sharing an educational content to a large audience at once and on the same I increase life of a wildlife and our environment too.

First sample of the Wildlife series is out and more to come.  Look at this too. 


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