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Saving Green Turtles

Saving the green turtles of Mombasa and cleaning up the oceans for a better, healthier blue eco-system.

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Saving the oceans and green turtles of Mombasa 

Hi, I'm Fazeela a wildlife volunteer in Kenya, with my friend Tiju Aziz we're trying to save the turtles in Mombasa Marine Park and its environs - an important habitat for turtles and lots of marine life - a total of 210 square kilometers.

Green turtles are being poached almost everyday in this area for their meat, shells and even their precious eggs. 
The poachers go out into the ocean, catch the turtles and bring them to the beach for sale. Also as turtles come to the beach to lay eggs, the poachers capture them and kill them. 

We're urgently working with community scouts  and have set up a basic but effective marine and foot patrol so that poachers can be apprehended and handed over to the relevant authorities for prosecution. Constant patrols in the vast area will ensure that poachers are kept at bay, sightings will be recorded and nesting sites taken care of. 

A huge part of our work also involves ocean cleanups on corals and sea beds where plastics threaten marine life.

Awareness programs are being held at beach management units, clean ups conducted during patrols and public engagement. 
Funds collected will be utilized for fuel for marine patrols and taking scouts to designated areas to carry out foot patrols, beach clean-ups and awareness campaigns.

The number of green turtles has reduced by 70% from the 1900s, every turtle lost is one too many, do support our cause and help us save our beautiful green turtles. If everyone of us came together and did our little bit, we can make a massive difference on our planet. We could be the reason a species thrives or becomes extinct. Do your bit and support us. 



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