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Simama Na Watoto

Thank you for supporting Simama na Watoto which offers educational scholarships to children from vulnerable backgrounds.

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Simama na Watoto is an initiative that was started in December 2016 by a group of ordinary Kenyans who wanted to serve children. We sponsor children & adults to school through educational scholarships and supporting other children's initiatives with food, non-food items, and scholastic materials.

We work with area chiefs, school teachers, constituency development funds to identify children in need of school fees & scholastic materials. We then do social inquiries & home visits (where possible) and if the child and his or her family are found to be in need, we offer full or partial educational scholarships.

In 2017 we sponsored 4 children in primary school, 2 did their K.C.P.E exams, one attained 368/500 and was taken up by M-Pesa Foundation Academy & the other attained 385/500 and was admitted to St Joseph high school, Kitale. The other 2 children are still in primary school. 

In 2018 we collaborated with Kibera CDF to identify two children in form one who were in need of educational support, one in Asumbi girls secondary school, and the other in Olympic High School and we offered them both partial educational scholarships. Through Kiambu High School Deputy Head Teacher we identified an orphan boy whom we offered a full educational scholarship. The three children completed form one and the minimum overall end of the year 2018 grade among the three was B plain.

In 2019, we continued sponsoring the boy from Kiambu High school & the girl from Asumbi girls. COVID 19 pandemic happened and between March and December 2020 the two children didn't attend school as they had been closed countrywide to curb the spread of the virus, however, we supported the boy with textbooks to help him study from home.

We have now added 4 other students to sponsor in our project starting 2021, the 4 students (2 Male, 2 Female) are adults living with hearing disabilities and they are attending PCEA Kambui Secondary school for the hearing impaired. Starting in the year 2021, we will be sponsoring a total of 6 students (3 Male, 3 Female) and they are in forms 1,2 & 3.

Help us raise 2021 school fees for the six students and thank you for your continued support.

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