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Imanuela Educator Fund

Help Imanuela Start School, which she has always desired to but her parent's have not be able to educate her since they are unemployed for 4 years

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The thought of losing the ability to provide is one scares us...seeing your children lacking food or missing school is unimaginable.  Yet this is the reality that most families face as a result of losing their jobs. 

Imanuela's family knows very well the struggles brought about by unemployment. Through this fundraiser, we seek to raise money to enable her to attend school and also have some food on the table and a roof over their heads. Imanuela and her sister need your support as her family tries to stabilize. Several well-wishers have come out to support them and even gone ahead to secure admission in a school for the little girls as well as a job for the parents to ensure long-term support. 

You can also help change and brighten the lives of the family in your own small or big way. We would like to see the family back on their feet to enable the children to have a conducive, caring and living environment to learn an grow. Thank you. 
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