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Hello I have started again my daughter's education fundraising. The target has not yet been achieved so we have extended the dates. Please join hands with me.

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My name  is Lilian Kiloko. Am 18 years, daughter of a single mother. I cleared High School in 2016. This was considered a big miracle. Because it took me 5 years to complete high school, while others need four years only. 

First track of memories, I completed my KCPE in 2011, I passed with good grades. I couldn't wait to report to school. But months went by as I watched fellow students go for secondary schools. My heart ached in pain. But there was nothing that I could do. My mum was out of work due to a chest infection. We had no hope.  And a whole term passed without me going to school.

By God's grace, my mum managed to enrol me to a secondary school during the second term. This was a dream come true. And I strove to use every minute to recover the lost time.  

I managed to catch up really fast. And was soon leading in Languages and Religious studies. But this wasn't easy because things were tough at home. Plenty of times, we slept hungry. Numerous times, the school send me home for lack of school fees. But I never gave up. Whatever little money mum got, we would send it school. 

Hard times, makes us stronger. 2014, the year was coming to an end. I was in Form Three at that time. I looked forward to sittin my final exams the following year. But I wasn't able to pay that term's tuition fees. The school principal didn't allow me to sit for the exam. I literally begged her on my knees. But all fell on deaf ears. And when I reported back to school in 2015, the principal forced me to repeat my Form Three again. This news devastated my mum and I. The principal didnt understand the hardship and sacrifice that was undertaken by my mum in order to complete the three years. We wondered how we were going to manage the financial services burden of two more years. 

This really pained me but I reluctantly agree to repeat the whole Form Three class. My health started to deteriorate. Many times I felt breathless and fainted. Neighbours or my teachers rushed me to hospital, depending on where I was. All kinds of check ups were done but nothing was found.

Those two remaining years were painful and burdensome to me. I spent more time in hospital more than school. I was forced to sit for my KCSE Exams while sick. Inhalers by my side, plus antibiotics and painkillers. Yet my chest ached and felt like a truck was on top. My health challenges resulted to poor grades. 

This didn't dampen my spirit. Because I knew that I was still intelligent and my IQ couldn't be weighed by the outcome of the exams only. So I attended all academic seminars I could find. And I never stopped checking out the Internet for University Scholarships.

I am pleased to announce that I have received a 50% Scholarship to study Psychology at Near East University in Cyprus.  I will need 2 million Kenyan shillings to cater for my tuition fee, accommodation,flight ticket and at least take me through a one and a half years. I will report hopefully in September 2018. Once I successfully register, I will find more ways to fundraise more cash for tuition and accommodation for five years. 

I have a passion for serving God. I enjoy working with children. I will use my education to be a blessing to the less fortune.

I thank you all for your support. 

God bless you. 

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