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Medical Fund Margaret Obuya

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Mama has been in pain since 2004 when she had unsuccessful hip replacement on the right hip. She then went for a revision in Kikuyu hospital in 2005 that equally backfired. In 2006 she consulted Prof. Mulimba who performed a second revision but yielded no fruits. Since then she has been confined to using crutches. Meanwhile she had had a successful left hip replacement in 1996 using prosthesis that used cement, this has been slowly giving in. lately she has been in so much pain in both hips so much so that she could not walk completely. 

X-ray showed that the hips were completely damaged up to the femur, this would lead us to different specialist that led us to Kijabe Orthopedic hospital, where we met Dr Galat. After several reviews the Doctor advised us that the damage could not be corrected in Kenya, that we have to seek correction abroad. After scanning everywhere India turned out to be most convenient, hence the quest for our journey to India began, starting with the fundraiser.

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