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Give Them A Future

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"Give them a future"

If you have been following the news lately, you must have watched the spectacle of a father who collapsed after being shown the fee statement for his daughter. The middle aged man had accompanied  his daughter to her new school like any good dad would do. With the little money he had, father bought a few essential items and both arrived just in time for the daughter to commence her high school journey. 

All was well until he was shown the fee statement for his daughter. Things degenerated very fast and what was supposed to be a happy goodbye became a medical emergency.

The experience of this father captures  the heartrending experiences of many Kenyan children whose dreams are dashed daily by lack of money to pursue quality secondary education. A significant number of Kenyan children come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. Without a helping hand, their dreams will just remain that, dreams.
There are a number of organisations which offer scholarships for high school education but only a few top performers benefit from these opportunities.
As is the case every year, many children who sat for KCPE in 2017are unable to proceed with their education or are doing so under extremely strenuous circumstances. Their only "mistake" is that they come from what the legendary Founder of the Starehe Boys' Centre and School, Dr. Geoffrey Griffin, used to describe as "severely disadvantaged backgrounds."

Whenever we come face to face with these stories, we are moved to do something to help but then we wonder if our efforts would amount to much.

This is why we have set up *GIVE THEM A FUTURE*

Give them a  future is on MCHANGA and it gives you the opportunity to contribute any amount of money, according to your ability, to help keep a child in school. With this platform, your Ksh500 can radically change a child's fortunes. And when you change a child's fortunes, you impact families, communities and the country.

There is nothing as painful as a child raised in poverty facing the prospects of remaining in that poverty because of their inability to pursue education.

This is your opportunity to become part of the solution. 

We are doing the "Ksh500 scholarship challenge" to raise funds for the education of children from "severely disadvantaged backgrounds." The number of beneficiaries shall be determined by the amount of cash raised and the selection shall be done competitively based on need and academic ability.

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