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Nyota Campaign

The Nyota campaign, a fundraiser to enable Saba's participation in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New york. Click story for details

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Nyota campaign

Saba furniture co. has been invited to participate in the international contemporary furniture fair in New York. We are excited at the opportunity as it allows to acts as ambassadors of design in a global context.

As it stands we need 8000$ to cover our expenses.

We have raised half of the money and are starting a campaign to raise the other half. From the 15th of January to the 17th of February we will be gifting the nyota tote bag as well as a hand written thank you card to any one who makes a donation.

As we prepare to launch the Nyota Campaign. We’ve put together a reward scheme for each donation.

Nyota Ndogo donation, between 500kes to 6500kes. A hand written thank you Card and eternal good vibes.

Nyota donation. 7000 kes to 16500 kes. A hand written thank you Card and an oversized Nyota tote bag.

Nyota Kubwa donation. 17000 kes to 50000 kes. A hand written thank you Card, an oversized Nyota tote bag and a customized Nyota tray.

Be a Nyota and join our campaign.

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