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Hello, we have started a fundraiser on M~changa to buy machines/equipments for Rayann medical laboratories(RMLs) to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness in the diagnosis of cancer in Kenya.

Join RMLs to provide high quality testing and consultative services to help alleviate ailments and  monitor health. we collaborate with other healthcare to promote well~being and quality of life through offering the highest degree of excellence in our laboratory services.

About Us: RMLs was founded in January 2016, by Dr. Iddah Maulid Ali, Ph.D., founder and CEO. RMLs began by offering routine laboratory related services. Later services expanded to include oncology, drug sensitivity, medical genetic testing, disease association, and transfusion compatibility testing. With initial success in serving the field of routine laboratory testing, RMLs developed a wider range of genomic services (nutrigenetics) to further support the advancement of medical oncology. Today RMLs provides a wide range of development services, reference laboratory services and platforms to complement our original battery of testing. RMLs scientists use their combined decades of experience plus the latest in technology and follow stringent protocols to create, validate and implement every test. Our customer services is personal. timely and tailored to your program needs. we looking forward to working with you.

Dr. Iddah Maulid Ali : familiarity with routine clinical laboratory testing was certainly one factor in the initial focus. But it was not only the initial factor. I always like to be different and my courage rises with anything that intimidates me. Challenges makes me want to go for it. I love to be able to be a piece of the puzzle solver for the clinicians.The good or bad part of it is that i want to solve problems. The tests that we do can solve giant emotional problems for many people. An i am not God so i would be lying if i said we are saving lives but the moment we find  an HLA match, the moment we find a mutation for cancer, the moment we find a health solution for the person who calls and says, "i have done everything that needs to be done, could you please help?" the moment we hear from a mother of a child who has hit the bottom in drug world~we know we are making the difference. This put me on the tearful moment of wanting to solve their problems.That is the part of testing that drives me.

Cancer has really affected many lives and through our initiatives we hope that we can be able to eliminate and also provide the necessary care and continuous support for the patients who are already affected by the disease.

Dr. Iddah Maulid Ali incorporated a new Company, BIOCOLLECT company (WWW.biocollect.pl) which is aiming to support biotechnology branch development.

Our Partnership with you: RMLs is committed to providing the highest~quality scientific information to our healthcare providers and patients for preventive care. This commitment is reflected in the rigorous standards of our research and laboratory services because we recognize our services more than test results. Our partnership with you, the provider, is the cornerstone of our business. The medical genetics field is exciting and new and our goal is to partner  with you for high quality testing and medical genetics education. The clinical support RMLs provides allow you to move with confidence into a new arena of predictive, preventive and affordable health care. We invite you to register as a new provider and request RMLs to perform specialized tests for your clinics.

Benefits of Partnering with Rayann Medical Laboratories:

  • Proven accuracy since inception of the laboratory in 2016
  • 100% non~invasive buccal swab sample collection
  • Fast turn~around times
  • Comprehensive and easy~to~read reports
  • Customised electronic reporting and payment options
  • In~house research and development team

Rayann Medical Laboratory is a fully accredited laboratory that utilizes cutting edge technology and the latest research to promote well~being.

Benefits to the Donor/contributor: If you contribute as indicated below,

  • Below ksh 5,000~you will get a chance to be screened for 1 type of cancer of your choice
  • Between ksh 5,000~100,000, you will get a chance to be screened for 3 types of cancer for 2 years upon your request at no extra cost.
  • And above ksh 100,000 you will have a chance to visit Rayann Medical Laboratories. At he same time have the chance to be screened for cancer for 3 years at no extra cost.

Use of Funds: The funds donated will be used to purchase laboratory machines/equipments . These new machines and equipments will serve as a means of delivering fast diagnosis of cancer and reliable results which are available to patients at affordable price.

The good news is that: The total project cost is ksh 14,850,000 (USD 148,500). We require the total cost to make our operations efficient.  However for a start up there are machines which are mandatory and cannot do without them.These machines would cost roughly ksh 7,000,000 (USD 70,000). The list of machines is as follows in order of priority:

  1. Erba elite 5 part Hematology analyser, 60T/hr
  2. Erba xl 180 fully automated Random access clinical chemistry analyser
  3. Erba Erbalte electrolyte analyzer
  4. Erba Margo4 Elisa for connective tissue disease, Endocrinopathy, Vasculopathy , and neurological autoimmune diseases
  5. Laura xl Fully automated sediment urine analyser
  6. Erba Ecl 760 fully automated coagulation analyser

For us this is the best deal and a one time opportunity and we would love if you could be part of this transformation.

Be part of this crowd power to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

Rayann Medical Laboratories will accept every small and big donations, because we value everybody and we want everybody to b part of our success.

Questions: We are happy to answer any questions you may have about donating to Rayann Medical Laboratories. Please feel free to contact us through Mobile number +254 722400223, www.iddah.lab1@gmail.com,  For more details visit our website www.rmls.co.ke


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