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Mansur's Medical Bill Cover

My father recently took ill & underwent a heart surgery that blew through his medical cover that we are struggling to cover. Kindly request your assistance

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If you know Mansur (my Dad), you know of his selflessness & jovial nature. He loves to laugh and make jokes, is loved by most he meets, and has never made an enemy. And he has never turned down anyone that came to him for help.

Recently, he took ill and got admitted to Aga Khan Hospital on the 20th December and has been there since. 

He has been administered with a series of tests, medications, surgeries and other unpleasantries that blew through this Insurance cover with still no diagnosis nor targeted treatment/ solution.

On the night/ early morning of 29th December he had a heart attack and underwent an Angiography, at which point he had two stents inserted in to his Primary and Secondary left arteries.

We have already exceeded the insurance cover as of today (31st December) by Kes 1,500,000.

He still is in ICU and we hope that the doctors work together to getting him better and out of ICU soon as each day in ICU is roughly Kes100,000 that keeps adding to the bill.

We will highly appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Thank you

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