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Skills Training 4 Poor Youth

Kindly donate towards Hopewell School's purchase of vocational training equipment to support needy children get a good foundation inlife

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Since founding the first public high school(Tumaini House School in Nakuru) to take in marginalised and poor kids 18 years ago,I have seen thousands of youngsters graduate to find their place in the world of service.However,the exam-oriented nature of our education system hasn't been kind to a significant number who fall short of university entry grades.It is for this reason that we have now started an integrated high school-vocational skills training program at Hopewell School such that every student on admission in Form 1 selects one skill course and is trained alongside the normal high school curriculum.At completion of high school,some will have diplomas in hairdressing,craft certificates in Electronics repairs and mechanics(auto repair) and 9 other courses. Please help us give these youngsters a sound practical foundation to start life. The academically gifted will continue their intellectual path while those talented in the various skills training offered will have ready money-making skills to start life.Kindly donate to this cause so that we buy adequate equipment to realize this goal.

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