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You are the hope for thousands of Kenyan girls without access to hygienic sanitary towels and boys with no access to a decent and a dignified rite of Passage.

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Today, thousands of Kenyan adolescent girls will miss school. Tomorrow, even more will fail to attend classes. Eventually they will drop out and face a bleak future.  The reason for this is they lack proper and hygienic sanitary towels. They turn to old cloths, newspapers, soil and even cow dung to hold their menstrual flow. Sadly, menstruation suffers stigmatic treatment within the society in which the girls live and girls often handle it in silence since menstrual blood is viewed as unclean and harmful. What should be a normal biological process, turns out to be a monthly horror and agony. Through your support so far, 23 girls will never encounter such an experience of missing school for the next 2 years On the other hand, our boys from humble backgrounds are suffering from pressure of going through the rite of passage...not because they are afraid but just because they cannot afford the fee required to take them through the process. Lack of this fee go a long way to self- circumcision. Our first encounter of such an incidence was a boy called Njogu from Nyeri streets. As studet we did very little but made a promise to do more and for sure we tried. In 2015 we began the rite of passage program and through well wishers we managed to raise 156,000 which took care of 34 boys, on 2017 we raised 80,000 for 16 boys and this year we want to impact 55 boys. Today, you can do something about it. Through your donation of any amount, you can be there for our girls and boys facing this pressing and urgent need.  

Your donation is highly appreciated.

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