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InfitMod Modular Casing

Hey guys. We are infitmod and have developed this modular casing that is going to revolutionise smartphone convenience. Please join our cause. thank you

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We are InfitMod LLC and I happen to have developed a gadget that could be a major game changer in the tech world, something unique, innovative, and most of all, built and designed by Kenyans for Kenya and most definitely the world.

What am I talking about?

Infitmod 1.0

Imagine a situation where there is this guy. He is a guy on the go, always doing his things on the phone.from planner to emails to messaging etc etc. but then every few months he has the need to upgrade his phone because something new has been added.maybe a better storage capacity or more battery life, or just a single app improvement. So what does he do? He breaks his bank, digs deeper into his pocket to get another mobile device. 

Now picture the same guy, he still needs more power coz he is mostly on his gadgets maybe running his business.the bulk Of carrying all his phones, a powerbank added on top. The crazy lifestyle he has to live, always worried about his gadgets messing him during presentations or whatnot. Well, here is a very big solution for you, the infitmod modular casing.

Built in a stylish design, this casing will revolutionize simplicity and convenience all at the same time.

The light casing comes with a built in powerbank which has a capacity of charging up to 2 phones at the same time for a maximum of up to 8hrs or more.

By default, both the basic and premium packages come with that as a default. 

Next we have an external storage capacity of up to 500gb sd greatly increasing your phones storage and convenience for the man/woman on the go.

For the audio and music lovers, the premium package comes complete with a hi resolution,noise cancellation Bluetooth speaker system with a share capability, thus even your friend can show you a song without having to come next to you by simply connecting to your speaker...

For the creative in you, the case comes with an anamorphic lens, a fisheye and a wide lens that gives higher more beautiful pictures and video. Reducing the hustle of carrying cameras and heavier lenses especially when going for safari.

Last but certainly not least, infitmod, retailing at only between $50 and $80 has the advantage of only modular upgrade. What do I mean by this? Say for example you had the basic package and you wanted to add the speakers or memory or extra lens, or even change a phone. You don't have to buy a different case. WhAt happens is, that you just go to a certified distributor, and give them your module (the small gadget at the bottom) and depending on the upgrade you wish to have, you add either a 10$ or so and get another module that fits perfectly. 

Let's say you've changed your phone, you want a newer casing or different casing. If your casing is still in good condition, all you do is bring it to a certified distributor, add between 10$-$20 and swap it for a newer casing. Now is that not the height of convenience?

Infitmod comes as a default with a stylish elephant or rhino texture that tries to show the importance of keeping these animals from extinction. So part of the proceeds from the sales are deemed to go to KWS for specific purpose of helping to conserve these magnificent creatures. At Infitmod we know that conservation starts with us personally and thus it is our corporate social responsibility to safe them for the future generations.

We think it's a worthy investment to help build this innovative invention that will help a lot of people.

Thank you for the time.

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