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Hello friends,I have started a fundraiser to support Baby Nathan Kibet who underwent 2 brain surgeries at MTRH and also went to ICU.Be blessed.

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Hello friends,I have started this fundraiser to request for your financial support for Baby Nathan who underwent two brain surgeries at Moi Teaching And Referral Hospital and also went to ICU for some days at Mediheal Hospital Eldoret early this year. 

He is the son of Musa Yatich and Hilda a young jobless couple from Baringo County.Baby Nathan is currently 1year 2months old and he was born without any complication until when he was 4months old when the parents realized an upnormal swelling on part of his head and took him to MTRH for treatment.

The doctors recommended for an Head CT SCAN and MRI SCAN and the results indicated that there were too much Cerebrospinal Fluid which has accumulated in the brain caused by a Brain Cyst.

To save the Life of this innocent young boy,a brain surgery was done to drain out the excess fluids (Shunting) to avoid more damage to the brain.

Later on after the first surgery, there was no much improvement, another brain surgery was recommended by the neurosurgeons to remove the Cystic mass in the brain. The surgery was done successfully and Baby Nathan taken to ICU for a quick recovery. 

After all the two surgeries, the boy progressed on well until recently when the parents realized that Baby Nathan doesn't see properly due to the effects of the surgery and the Brain cystic mass. 

The family of  Baby Nathan,therefore requests for your financial assistance to enable Nathan get a specialized eye treatment and many other medical related expenses.

Baby Nathan used to attend frequent physiotherapy sessions but due to financial constraints this has not been happening, the boy also needs special diet which has also been difficult for the parents to provide. 

Let's all joint hands and donate to save the life of Baby Nathan and God will surely Bless us all.

With God everything is possible.#BabyNathanWillBeWell#.   

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