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Support us. We are using Technology to Connect Kenyans to Reliable and affordable Houses ~ www.haofinder.com

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Hao Finder is the convenience integrated accommodation and housing access and management system of the 21st Century and future, fulfilling a need that will continue to exist into the future -the need for  simple, real time and reliable access to accommodation and housing by the homeless, house hunters, landlords, property managers and governments’ public housing departments. Hao Finder will be the first
fully automated, 24 hour convenience online web portal and mobile app that provides: search, review, payments, reservations and accommodation providers administration module all integrated that is more like an enormous housing and accommodation dispensing machine than the traditional property listing and marketing systems.
The business expects to capture market share by becoming the low cost reliable leader in the digital housing and accommodation access and management industry by significantly building on the primary parameters, which are professionalism,
trust, reliability and speed.
Through our completely automated housing and accommodation services access and management experience, customers will have the chance to get what they want faster and affordably, thus undercutting competition. The possibilities for expansion are excellent not only in the local area, but in neighboring communities as well.
The Company
The business is a joint venture start-up company amongst the principals, Mr. Waliuba, Mr. Maurice the country's successful innovators, software developers and estates management team.
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