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Give me a meal,keep me in class

Hi ,help me keep children in class by donating for a meal on Mchanga platform

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'Only when kids are healthy,safe ,engaged,supported and challenged will they be  able to master the skills and knowledge that will help to make their future bright' Melissa Meller.

I always believe the future change agents are the children if empowered and mentored  they can fight poverty ,disease and ignorance. In 2011 i  started a nursery school to cater for orphans and vulnerable children from  Shauri slums my birth place.This was a gift to the community and more so for hundreds of children who couldnot access early childhood education  due to their caregivers  social economic challenges as they live below a dollar a day. The nursery started with 20 children, down the line we now have   80 children whose key foundation lies on our hands.These young promising lives needs holistic education as they come from humble and challenging backgrounds. To keep the children in school we initiated a porridge program where these children will take a  nutrious mug per day.This was necesitated by multiple cases of children collapsing in school for lack of meals in thier home  thus affecting them physcologically and education wise.Through our small way we have indentified  fifteen severe cases and started offering theM a meal per day, As a result we have a high retention rate and a hundred percent transition rate to primary schools. My wish is every  child to have a warm balanced meal during lunch time atleast to keep them through the day even if they miss one at home. My humble appeal to you is ,help me keep these future social change agents in school through your donations. To provide a meal for child for a  day is  KSHs 25 ,one month KSHs 500 and for an year KSHs 4500. You can donate as little as KSHs 10, you can also share my appeal to your friends.Remember as Mother Teresa said ,'you can do what i cannot do. I can do what you cannot do.Together we  can do great things. We can make a difference .. even if it’s only one meal at a time.

Henry Wanyoike -Blind Athletee.


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