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Devices for a child with disability

Hi Friends, I have started a fund raising on M Changa to buy devices for children with disabilities. Please donate towards making a difference in their lives

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"Disability is not inability," we have all had of this saying. Some would even say it is cliche, but have you really thought about what it means and why someone came up with this saying? The fact that a person is disabled means he/she faces complex barriers that he/she must overcome to be successful and at par with everyone else. This however does not mean they are unable to succeed; they are able to achieve as much as everyone else. The question then is how do they achieve and be at par with everyone else? The answer? simple, have access to assistive devices such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, crutches and visual aids. Lack of access to assistive devices is thus the cause of inability.

For children living with disability from marginalized and low income communities, their greatest challenge is the inability to afford and access these devices. When these children do not have access to these devices, they are unable to fully exploit their talent, they are unable to play with their peers, they miss out on education which is the most important economic and social right leading to them not realizing all the other economic and social rights including right to housing, water, health and employment in future.

It is thus paramount for these children to have assistive devices so as to maintain or improve their functioning, independence and to improve their overall well being. These devices can also prevent impairments and secondary health conditions. Please donate towards making a change in these children's lives as they should not miss out on all the fun their fellow children are having. Please donate to secure their future so that they can grow up and realize their economic and social rights due to having access to education while still young.

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