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Jackson used up all available discipline options that Beacon of Hope Vocational Training College could give him. He was absent 80% of the time and it was evident that he lacked the motivation to learn, explore and commit to the process of becoming a Plumber. His expulsion did not surprise him. He was not motivated; lacked mentorship and role model to look up to acquire a growth mindset.

Population of young people between 18 and 34 years represents  30% of Kenya’s population. This reality brings economic and social possibilities, but also other challenges for the country. Youth represents 80% (1,840,000) of the total of 2.3 millions officially unemployed Kenyans.

Causes of youth unemployment -skills mismatch makes it difficult to transition from school to work; Lack of capital, collateral and high interest rates on credit to invest in technical courses; lack of exposure to industry; inadequate entrepreneurship and life-skills; Poverty compounds situation as parents are unable to support them to acquire certification. National Construction Authority in Kenya requires certification in respective trades adds pressure for qualification to gain employment. 

Beacon College trains marginalized youth in Hairdressing & beauty, Catering & accommodation, electrical installation/ Solar technology, plumbing/Masonry, fashion & design and information communication technology. In entrepreneurship business ideas and plans developed. Community service builds life-skills and knowledge and a student's mindset to take on responsibility towards a better community. Internships expose students to industry. Despite Jack’s expulsion, the principal reached out to him and begun mentorship sessions which lasted three months. By then, his former course mates were graduating. He recommitted to enroll and a well wisher paid for his plumbing Course.

Beacon College provides youth with exemplary vocational training and talent development that provides a link to job prospects and self-reliance by inculcating entrepreneurship, ethical leadership and professional standards that impact the world. So far 1,500 youth are trained and 80% of the alumni use their skills in area of training; makes significant contribution in the life of their families and community. Evident that technical training represents best long-term growth potential for youth in formal and informal sectors.

Provide financial support for  youth (Jenga Kijana) train for self reliance or employment to contribute towards job creation and develop their careers to full scale. Industrialization process in Kenya - Vision 2030 - is at an early stage giving youth with technical training a head start.

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