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Young men in Kenyan society bear the disempowering labels of useless; good for nothing; idler; loser; pathetic; thug; alcoholic; suicidal; rapist; lazy; rioter; non -starter among others which are profoundly damaging to young men and boys who increasingly feel isolated and disconnected from their families and society.


The boy child. Depicted as the bastion of bad dance styles like odi dance, refusing to study, refusing to take responsibility, refusing to marry, and when married refusing to act married whilst fatherhood is reduced to selfies once a month or at best, a week, at a fun place where beer is sold 50 metres from the bouncing castle, where he has “lovingly” exiled his children.

While the girl child is taught to care for the family, the boy child emulates the father; who is hardly home and hardly speaks when he is at home. Care is provided by quantities of cash and problems are handled by long visits to the pub. Drugs are preferred over discourse in the home. The boy child grows up knowing a ritual makes you a man, you have no other purpose in the home other than throwing tantrums and if you have issues find a recreational drug to use to drown out the pain. 

A casual observation of the socio-economic and political dynamics captures a gradual shift in power from patriarchy to matriarchy which have been propelled by affirmative action for women, girl-child programs that exclude boys.

Society forgot to update the boy child’s role and in today’s society men are role-less. No one quite knows what a father is meant to do and worse what a man is for. A successful husband is one who doesn’t cheat or beat the wife. He doesn’t need to do much just breath, eat, sire and die. There is no warriors’ glory nor a chief’s crown. This role-less limbo has created a free loading, purposeless, sex and drug addicted man who lives for the bar, his pals and sex.

The boy child lacks role models and that leaves them abandoned and they find it hard to find their way in society. The need to help a boy child be more productive and contribute  to greater good is now!

Way forward

Despite the fact that there are unemployed youth who hold degree qualifications and yet are unemployed; corruption is rampant and youth may see education as useless; The need is to create a balanced society in the long run. Help the young men take their rightful place in society as heads of the family. This will lead to enhanced security, reduced number of boys from informal settlements especially who don’t complete school.

Beacon of Hope finds that the solution lies in vocational training for the youthful men in different technical courses. In the process develop sustainable character & life skills that help them make the right choices for their own lives, family and community. The life skills will equip them with knowledge of God that will provide an understanding of God's purpose for his / their life. They will set right life priorities that will meet the need to care for family and society above self; the labels will change; role models will arise and community will transform.

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