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Protect Africa Indigenous Seeds

Hi. Kindly support the grass-root women in Kenya to champion their rights to conserve, use and share and sell indigenous seeds.

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Many small holder farmers prefer to use their trusted and time tested indigenous seeds. Unfortunately this indigenous seeds are not recognized by government who have enacted laws that states only certified seeds should be planted. However the small holder farmers cannot afford the expensive certified seed which increases the cost of production. This forces them to rely on indigenous seed and makes them more vulnerable to prosecution for flouting the seed laws.There is also high risk of losing Africa crop diversity if small holders farmers are stopped from exchanging, sharing being custodian of seed. It is also unlucky that women small holder farmers role in seed conservation is ignored by researchers, policies and programme..  Further climate change is putting more pressure on small holder farmers’ seeds and food production. Therefore farmers should be given improved access to seed and crop variety that would increase their resilience to climate change. Supportive national and counties seeds policies and laws are required to protect African indigenous seeds. In addition farmers should be supported to produce quality seeds through training on seed selection, multiplication, protection and storage.
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