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Join the Community Aiders to support a needy family get out of abject poverty .

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Join the Community Aiders Campaign, an intervention by Community Aid International (CAI) a Kenyan NGO and support a household carry out productive agriculture. This will go a long way in uplifting several households in rural Kenya out of poverty. According to World Bank (2014) half of the Kenyan rural population live in poverty and the biggest manifestations of poverty in rural Kenya today are hunger due to dwindling agricultural production and low household income.  Therefore, CAI intends to intervene in this situation by supporting households in rural Kenya through providing seed money and technical support to practice productive agriculture. A linkage between agriculture and entrepreneurship will be provided to help these households increase their income and be able to cater for their other needs. In the first phase of the intervention CAI intends to support 1000 households and slowly scale up the intervention to cover each and every Kenyan household in abject poverty. Supporting these households is anticipated to have indirect positive impact on the society and specifically on the issues of youth unemployment and crime that are common in our society today. This will be carried out through a program we are calling the Community Aiders Program.


The key components of the Community Aiders Programme (CAP)  are:

(i)                 Eradicating poverty and improving livelihoods through capacity building of households to increase agricultural production and income generation; and,

(ii)               Creating employment and wealth through promotion of entrepreneurship, vocational training, talent development and mentorship for the youth.


To achieve this we need the support of 50 households (with an average of 5 people per household) at the cost of KES 500,000 in 3 months as part of initial phase of the intervention.


What is in it for you?

1)      You become a pioneer partner in this worthy cause and receive invitation to grace our events

2)      Get invited to witness the success of this first phase of intervention 

3)      Receive a Community Aiders gift pack

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