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The story of Quinter a Vulnerable Child of City Cotton

It is on a Monday morning as I watch and wait for the Counsellors from MMAAK to come for their normal monthly meetings with the Community Health Volunteers (CHV) in City Cotton. I know they usually help and support Orphaned and Vulnerable Children within the slums, this time I won’t be afraid to share what I feel because I need a solution to this problem that has been disturbing me for quite a while. The meeting with the CHV comes to an end and I approach on of the facilitators whom I know since he is also the one in charge of our household, I ask him if he has a little time to spare, he agrees and we sit down on the grass outside my shack, I start crying as I start to narrate on how my only daughter  whom I loved so much has refused to go to school and had decided to get married to a middle aged man who I suspected could not be a good person, it was an issue so sensitive and he enquired whether I had reported the matter to the authorities, the area chief in City Cotton. But I tell him no since it could expose me to a lot of danger once the gentleman finds out that I am a snitch. My daughter  was  supposed to have joined school in February of the year 2017, but being that I am a widow the girl does not seem to listen to me very much, especially since the passing away of the father it has been very difficult to control the teenage child at only 16 years.

‘I really want my daughter to go back to school but I don’t have the financial power to take my daughter to a boarding school faraway for this thug who main will ruin my daughter’s life and then dump her, kindly help me get my daughter back in my hands’. I cry to you as a mother who is the sole breadwinner.

The MMAAK  counsellors then took it upon themselves to help support the girl back on track by providing guidance; at the beginning it was challenging since Quinter was not willing to open up, they opted for a different approach where they pointed and reasoned with her through the eyes of 16 year old, they shared about  a principle in life where “ You can either choose to enjoy life now and then pay later in life or you choose to pay now by going back to school and when you are done learning get a good job or start up an initiative that can transform your life and enjoy life going forward ” this principle seemed to  work Quinter  opened and shared about not being able to take time to think about her decisions, she wished her father was around and regretted very much the trouble she had put her me her mom.  She even agreed to let go of the middle aged man whom she admitted was a highway robber she claimed she was desperate and wanted to support me in paying for her school fees. I cried with Happiness on finding my little lost child again I thank MMAAK very much for their Support to Children in our Community.


This is just but one of the many episodes and challenges faced by children whose parents have died to either causes of AIDS or other related causes, who require our commitment and support, love and Compassion so that they may be able to see a brighter tomorrow.


The Movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya(MMAAK) in partnership with Plan International is working to improve the welfare and protection of children infected and affected with HIV and AIDS, by implementing and supporting innovative, evidence based approaches that strengthen the capacity of caregivers and communities to increase their ability to provide for the children’s basic needs, while also strengthening social systems and structures to improve support to orphans and vulnerable Children (OVC).


In a baseline study report conducted by USAID/IBTC in 2016 in four counties of Nairobi, Kilifi, Mombasa and Taita Taveta it was identified that OVC households were unable to access money to meet most of their basic needs, there was low coverage in immunisation, high number of unknown HIV status, low birth registration and low school progression.

MMAAK with funding from USAID through Plan international is implementing a five year project known as Nilinde in Makadara Sub County, where more than 1600 orphaned and vulnerable Children in more than 400 households are being targeted, 52 Children are infected with HIV while 300 children live in highly vulnerable Households. The funding from Nilinde is very much stretched that the project is struggling to meet most of the children’s needs effectively.


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