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Adopt a biogas, save our planet

Hey guys, we have started fundraising for provision of clean and renewable energy for 50 low income households in the wake of climate change effects

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Promoting Climate change mitigation and adaptation practices has been a continuous effort by Tree is life Trust (TILT) using different approaches. Climate change effect on power production is evident. Most of the existing power plants produce electricity continuously or depending on the weather conditions. Other renewable sources of energy like wind and solar plants are very effective although their production is rather unpredictable. Due to surplus or under production of electricity it comes to fluctuations in the power grid, to which the current power transmissions systems are not fully adapted.  Thus, it is important to supplement energy with other renewable energy technologies such as biogas.
Promotion of biogas as a source of renewable energy was initially hampered by cultural rigidity and other factors affecting adoption of the technology. Biogas technology has been in Kenya for over 50 years although its uptake has remained low. With few demonstrations and promotion during field days, demand for installation and use of biogas has increased over time. This has enabled the communities to integrate other livelihood activities utilizing bio-products from the technology thus making a lot of saving out of the expenses that could have otherwise been incurred when using non-renewable energy sources.
Not only that the demand has gone high for the gas but also the unit sizes. TILT is looking at modalities of utilizing biogas in running simple farm machinery and pumping underground water for irrigation.
Mrs. Maria Kariuki from Kasuku, Nyahururu, Kenya formerly depended on firewood. Out of the transformative educational TILT field days, she was motivated to try biogas for environmental and socio-economic benefits. With the Biogas she has been able to make a lot of savings previously incurred in purchasing non-renewable sources of fuel. In addition she has channeled the bio-slurry (Biogas by-product) to her farm of which it has enhanced crop growth and yield.
To get enough raw materials for her biogas unit, she has expanded her zero grazing unit which even though had financial implication, the benefits are far much higher in the long run. Apart from using the biogas for cooking, she lights and warms her house thus reducing her household expenses and indoor pollution hence ensuring better health conditions.

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