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Dear friends, help empower the disadvantaged youth and women in creative and life skills and counseling for a safer community.

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Faraja Foundation implements a social justice program which aims to contribute towards reducing inequalities, poverty and crime in Kenya. Our target beneficiaries are the socially disadvantaged youth and women who due to poverty have no access to basic needs like food and shelter.  Poverty puts young people at higher risk of getting into crime as a means of survival and exposes women to Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Young people living in poverty get in crime first through peer influence and start by committing petty offences. Many get arrested and taken to prison where they find hard core criminals who may recruit them in to serious crimes and prison officers with limited transformative skills and trained only on keeping offenders in safe custody. this young person could be your brother or sister who just did not get the right information and ended up in the wrong side of the law. On discharge from prison the youth go back to the same situation or worse than they left, they become more vicious and dangerous and a threat to you  and the whole society.

Strategic Approach to reducing poverty and crime

The youth need vocational skills to expand their opportunities for employment. Currently we have 79 young from very poor backgrounds sponsored to pursue different technical courses. we train them on and mentor them to contribute positively to the National development. We also support poor families and vulnerable women with business capital and entrepreneurship skills to earn a decent living and become more responsible in child upbringing

We work with the Kenya prisons service, Probation and aftercare services and department of Children Services. We train correctional staff to become agents of social change through our Performance for change prison staff training program, child protection and care. We train peer educators/counselors in prison and in Juvenile rehabilitation homes to provide appropriate information and emotional support on first-aid basis to newly incarcerated youth to prevent them from sliding in to serious crimes or being radicalized to violent extremism. We prepare those about to be discharged for community reentry and social reintegration. Our social workers and counselors work to help identify immediate and subsequent needs and provide what is necessary (creative skills for consumer products, business skills and tools for business) we help them also to identify other sources of social support realize a meaningful social reintegration. This way we assure minimal chances of reoffending and greater public safety

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