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Wildlife Conservation Through Art

Hey guys, i have started a fundraiser to conserve our animals by donating animal art to anyone adopting animals orphaned by poaching.

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As an animal lover. I have had passion to join the animal conservation efforts. So i started making wall mountable animal trophy heads using cardstock, plastic and Alluminium. 

In my effort to join the save our animals initiative, i decided to approach our local animal orphanage in nairobi in the view of gifting a trophy head to people who adopt animals orphaned by poaching. These are rhinos, elephants, lions. The wall mountable trophy heads will be my thank you to those who adopt. We are expecting to gift a minimum of 10,000 trophy heads of lions, rhino and Elephants, 

I also wish to expand  this by involving other agencies and gifting the animal art across Africa. For this to happen,we need your help to raise 5, 000, 000 for materials and labour.

The funds will be  used to;

60% to buy materials - cardstock, glue, plastic, Alluminium, perspex and hooks in bulk 

30% to buy precision cutting knives and accessories, spray painting equipment, welding machine,  work benches and other related accessories. 

20% will be used in engaging volunteers who will be trained in the art of making the animals trophy heads and logistics

The animals sizes to be made are as below :
Rhino size: 400mm height x 270mm wide x 400mm depth 

Elephant size: 720mm height x 700mm width x 300mm depth

Lion size: 380mm height x 290mm wide x 400mm depth 

We appeal to you to join the course

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