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Restoration Of Wildlife Habitats

Our aim is to restore habitats of Elephants and rhinos through massive tree planting.

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Campaign For Restoration & Protection of Wildlife Habitats.


Campaign for restoration and protection of wildlife Habitats is a noble cause which is undertaken by Youth For Nature, a fully registered community-based organization in Kenya.

The organization is purely run by youths who are passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation.

Youth for Nature has been involved in championing against wildlife poaching, partnering with local and international organizations.

Youth for Nature was part of the organizers and pioneers of Global March for Elephants and Rhinos.

In this campaign to restore, protect and preserve wildlife habitats, we will be working with other stakeholders, individuals Like Cara Gilboy, MEMORIES AFRICA organizations and the relevant government authorities.

Our Key Objective:

This is a campaign aimed at sensitizing the public on the value of protecting our wildlife and their habitats as well as promoting, preserving and restoration of wildlife habitats and ecosystems. we intent to embark on a massive campaign to plant over 10 million trees in areas where forests and major wildlife habitats have been destroyed.

Why This Campaign is Important:

The recent rise in human-wildlife conflicts,coupled with the existing wildlife conservation challenges mainly POACHING has threatened to drive wild animals into extinction.

Wildlife habitat loss through rampant destruction of forests is definitely a MAJOR threat to wildlife which are gradually but first declining.

Human population and settlements have surged up and the lack of conservation awareness has increased conflicts between human and wildlife,as a result livestock are killed,crops destroyed and human life is lost in the process of wildlife searching for food.

This has caused retaliation from the local communities living around protected areas(parks and reserves).

Appreciating Major Stakeholders:

I must congratulate Kenya wildlife service and wildlife lovers for their efforts and contribution through online groups and organizations. I wish to appreciate individual contributions from selfless Individuals like Cara Gilboy, for her relentless effort to save wildlife.

What Must be Done Urgently:

We all agree that much has to be done if we have to solve all these. Therefore, we must do serious conservation awareness to restore, protect and conserve wildlife habitats and ecosystems. Our first program will be massive tree planting.  We want to plant over 10million trees before end of the year.

What The Campaign Needs:

For this to succeed, Youth For Nature and Conservation Awareness Campaigns are requesting for volunteers. Wildlife students,biologists,conservationists,wildlife lovers, local community,environmentalists,tourists,all stakeholders to join in this noble course.We also need your support to raise money for this campaign. Our target is 20000USdollars in the next two weeks. This will help us do the planting of trees and capitalize on the current short rainfall season.

When to Start the Campaign.

The campaign kicks off next month and first consideration will be the areas marked as hot-spots human-wildlife conflicts and poaching as well as areas with rampant destruction of forests.

It's time to act.
Join us and support this noble cause.

Together we can do this for the sake of wildlife,their habitats and the local communities neighboring these protected areas.

Your contributions towards this noble cause will be highly appreciated.


ROBERT RONO- President, founder, Youth For Nature( a fully registered Community-Based Organisation).
P.O BOX, 662,

Telephone number: +254 725 333 744,
email address: robertrono86@gmail.com

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