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Larissa Medical Fund

Hi friends,I have started a fundraiser on M-Changa to raise 5m for Larissa's bone marrow transplant in India.

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Hi friends, I am Stellah Wabomba,Larissa is my girl, she is 3yrs10months old.she was born with sickle cell disease which was diagnosed at 3months.She has been in and out hospital with much pain.She has had 18blood transfusions and has been on oxygen not once more than a month.I thank God for her this far and pray that He gives her good health. I lost the sibling due the monster sickle cell. I don't want to loose Larissa that's why am appealing for help.Treatment and managing is expensive, the only cure is doing abone marrow transplant in India.Help me raise funds for the transplant to put a smile on Larissa. #ISTANDWITHLARISSA

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Business Name: MCHANGA

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Account Number: LARISSA

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