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Adopt A Girl's Month

You can keep a girl in school by getting her sanitary towels. For only Ksh. 300 adopt a girl's month. She gets 2pack pads,a book and pen

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As a community based organisation in Dandora, we have seen and experienced first hand what the lack of sanitary towels can do to our girls. We appreciate that the government of Kenya provides for girls in public primary schools. We hope they soon replicate the same for girls in secondary schools. They should also think of girls in private schools, who in our community means better understanding systems of affordable fees payment and at subsidized rates for the parents.

It should be all for all!

In the meantime let's stand with our girl for only Ksh. 300 you adopt a girl's month. We have taken up one private school in our community called Mt. Zion High School. They have a total of 55 girls in the school.
With the success of this school, we will take up five more school with an average of the same number of girls. 

Our girls will no longer miss school because we are there for HER! She does not have to use all manner of things to go through her menstruation or get into risky behaviors to afford the same. It's her right to enjoy life, to enjoy her womanhood.

Thank you for adopting a girl's month today. You are the true hero!
A girl's Hero.

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